'7th Heaven' Returns for the 11th Season

But only some of the actors from the original cast agreed to star in it again

The eleventh season of the long-running TV show, centering around the numerous family of a Reverend is due to start airing again on September 25.

The sad news is that only part of the original cast will appear as regulars, while others still haven't decided if they want to come back at all. The announcement was made yesterday by Dawn Ostroff, head of entertainment at The CW Television Network.

Ostroff said that Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks, who play the Camden pair, have already signed on to do the entire season, while the couple's seven children will be back only part time.

Those who haven't confirmed yet their position are Mackenzie Rosman (Ruthie) and all grown up David Gallagher (Simon). And, we might as well ask ourselves: while we can live without hottie Simon, how could we possibly watch '7th Heaven' when there is no Ruthie in it, the very essence of the entire show?

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