'Fat Actress' Kirstie Alley Shows Off Bikini Body

After losing 34 kg, the actress proudly walks the catwalk on 'Oprah'

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In the past year or so, Kirstie Alley has been the constant target of all kinds of malicious comments and photographs in the press, to the point that she got fed up with it. To show the paparazzi that they haven't heard the last of her yet, Alley embarked on a TV series that not many other women would have dared make: 'Fat Actress'.

Since then, she lost 34 kg out of the one hundred she piled up by eating 'with abandon' and the perfect way to celebrate such an accomplishment, the 55-year-old star decided to parade in a bikini in front of millions of viewers.

The interview with Oprah Winfrey began after Kirstie strutted her new more toned body in a maroon bikini suit. The actress says that she now realizes that her biggest mistake was that of just letting herself go but that only makes the change more pleasant. 'I had a holiday mentality. I ate with wild abandon. I was eating six, seven, eight thousand calories a day', Kirstie told Oprah, adding that she only became aware of what had happened with her when she asked herself a simple question: 'I'm old, I'm fat. What am I worth?'.

The one good thing that came out of all the ordeal she's been through, she said, was that she is now more confident and more aware that people are never their bodies. 'I think women - I don't think we ever feel like we're good enough. We don't feel like we're thin enough or pretty enough or smart enough or work hard enough. And we are good enough. The bikini thing is neither here nor there, other than the fact, you know, I am 55 years old. So I thought - come on, we are all good enough. And we look good enough. And we are not our bodies.', she said after the bikini bit.

Nevertheless, the fact that she's changed so much over the past months is indeed a thing to be proud of, no matter how hard she had and will have to work for it: her diet is very strict, she has a personal trainer, does exercise and dances to keep fit and she quit smoking. 'We can decide to change anything - at any age. What I hope for all women is they feel good about themselves - they look they want to look', Kirstie's conclusion was.

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