'Whores of Warcraft'

Or, what happens when porn invades cyberspace

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A new game is in the making for all those aficionados out there. This time, it's more than a special edition, probably designed to make you never want to leave home. Somebody said that porn got into absolutely everything and cited as examples erotic remakes like 'Buffy, the Vampire Layer' and 'Sex Trek', after the hit TV series.

Well, it seems now that the porn 'syndrome' is also affecting popular video games, more precisely, 'World of Warcraft'. 'Whores of Warcraft' is in the making but game sites are not able to offer an exact date for its release, mentioning only that it is 'coming soon'. The most interesting aspect of 'Whores of Warcraft' is, nevertheless, that it features an experienced porn starlet, going by the name Mia Rose.

The setting in which Mia displays her 'healing touch' is, just like in the game that provided the inspiration for it, a medieval one, where men, druids and elves abound. Miss Rose is a druid or a priest and not only does she voice her character, but she also appears in it.

There is yet no information about the second 'whore' who will appear in the game but, judging by the way she proudly wears that belt as a top, she must surely be in the same professional line as Mia. So, those who are into MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game), stay tuned for more details about 'Whores of Warcraft' and the 'actresses' that are to star in it.

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