$1.5 Million For A Donald Trump Speech

Trump: "Get the best people and don't trust them!"

This Sunday, a lucky audience was "blessed" with words of wisdom from real estate mogul Donald Trump.
But, hey, advice from the master doesn't come cheap! Trump has received $1.5 million for his one hour speech.

Regarding the substance of his sayings, opinions were divided. Some said "it was worth all of it", while others remained silent.
Among his valuable advice, one could find statements such as "When somebody challenges you, fight back" or "Be brutal, be tough. Just go get them".
To quote only some more catch-phrases: "Never, ever, ever give up" and "Get the best people and don't trust them".

Practical things, when put into words, are so simple that they appear almost funny. And yet these simple, coach like formulas led Donald Trump to his throne.

He developed several skyscrapers in Manhattan, which he named after himself.
He is a major figure in the field of casino/hotels in the United States and has become notable on American television for his role on the reality show The Apprentice.
Trump is an easily recognizable public figure whose distinctive comb over is the humour subject of comedians such as David Letterman and Regis Philbin.


By    25 Oct 2005, 08:07 GMT
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