Adam Sandler Joins the Fight against Terrorism

The actor will donate PlayStation consoles to Israeli children

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All the big names in Hollywood, including actors and executives, have taken a stand in the Israel-Lebanon conflict. Many public figures have signed a joint declaration, supporting Israel and condemning the terrorist actions of Hamas and Hizballah.

The declaration reads: 'We, signed below, are devastated and shocked from the civilian damage in Israel and Lebanon caused by terrorist activities and executed by terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hizballah. If we do not stop global terrorism, chaos will reign and innocent people will continue to pay with their lives. We must support democratic societies and stop terrorism at all cost'.

Among the stars that made a serious pledge to the worthy international cause was also funnyman Adam Sandler, who vouched to donate $100,000 to Israeli children. But the money will not be given as such, but under the form of no less than 400 PlayStation consoles.

The games are to be purchased by the 'Happy Gilmore' actor himself and transferred to Israel some time this week. There is only one condition to get a console: the child who is to benefit from the wonder of America's latest technology has to have had his house damaged by Hizbollah rockets.

Otherwise, he or she will not get the chance to play it. And it's very understandable that Sandler chose this efficient way to fight against terrorism, considering that some of the games available on Sony PlayStation are not at all violent, like 'Mortal Kombat', 'Hitman' and 'Grand Theft Auto'. And, besides, those children must have electricity back in their homes by now, so they will be able to plug the consoles in and enjoy such an extraordinary message of peace, not to mention the indispensability of such an 'appliance' in the bomb-devastated houses.

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