Alyssa Milano's Bitchy Mother

Lin Milano is trying to ban 6 websites

The 60-year-old mother of beloved 'Bewitched' actress is making quite a fuss these days with her new idea of banning certain websites. Apparently, the woman is bothered by the existence of all Alyssa Milano fansites that are not the official one.

She already sent many letters to the websites under discussion, asking them to stop posting materials and pictures of her daughter because they infringe, quote, 'the rights of publicity, privacy and trademark'. As if her daughter is indeed a trademark¬Ö

The only illegality committed might be, in fact, that of the copyright for the pictures and they have no right to claim it, as it belongs exclusively to the photographer who takes them, and not to the person that appears in them.

Strongly believing that she can control the Internet, Lin threatens to take the 6 fansites to court if they don't cease an activity viewed by her as being prejudicial to Alyssa's reputation and fans. "Does the actress have no say in a matter that concerns only her?" the fans are revoltingly asking.