Alyssa Milano's Furry-ous New Look

This could launch a new trend, but I seriously hope that never happens

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Alyssa Milano is one of those female celebrities that spell H O T whenever they make a public appearance. Basically, she never made negative headlines for her fashion sense. That's one good looking chick who is always sharply dressed.

Alyssa went out last night. Her choice for the evening was the 33 Club, where the photographers could not get enough stills of her. The 34-year-old actress hit the nail on the head once more when it came to her fashion sense.

The dress she wore last night sends out a message, if you will, a message that says: "I know I'm hot, so I'm gonna let you see my hot body, but I'm also 34 years old, so I'm not gonna dress like a 20-year-old fashion victim". It seems that Alyssa found a winning combination once more. She doesn't stand out because of some heavy makeup, extravagant accessories or a raunchy attitude. It's casual and trendy at the same time, with a nice touch of class.

So much for the outfit, now it's time to (discretely) observe what's under the hood. The girl sure keeps in shape, look at that body! And if I may be a little bold, she still has some of the best boobs in Hollywood. Before we go, let's examine what she wears around her right wrist. Hmm, very nice, I guess she's got it right once again...

What's that? Hair, you say? Where? On her arms? No, that can never happen. Surely you must be kidding..... Dear God, you are right!! She isÂ…she didn't...she on her arms. What the hell is going on here?

There is no reason to beat around the bush (no pun intended), Alyssa Milano has hair on her arms. I don't care who you are, that's a definite "no-no" right there. What was she thinking, that nobody would notice? It's not like there are a couple of hairs here and there. If you take a picture of one of Alyssa's arms alone, you'd swear it is a man's arm.

That's a very serious slip up, and it is even more serious coming from Alyssa Milano. You don't need a fashion sense to know that a woman and hairy arms never mix. And yet, here it is, for everyone to see. Hopefully for the last time.

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