Angelina Jolie Is Dying

Media outlets speak of a 'fatal disease', anorexia and exhaustion

  Angelina Jolie in Washington, this week
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Angelina Jolie is, for the first time ever, at the center of a controversy concerning her health: various media outlets are reporting that the gorgeous actress might be dying because of some mysterious and fatal disease. Do not get alarmed yet, because all this is still in the speculation phase but, truth be told, all the facts are pointing to something being wrong or, at least, not normal.

For a while now (since January, to be more specific, when her mother passed away from cancer), Angelina has been the target of many tabloids who claimed she was beginning to lose too much weight to still be called healthy. The rumor was somehow confirmed by James Haven, Angie's brother, in a recent interview in which he said that her health and weight are 'alarming' and a reason for concern.

Now, the 'National Enquirer' (so you know from the start you're not supposed to put your confidence in what you're about to read) is claiming that Angelina's problem might not be just a sudden weight loss. The tabloid which, in all fairness, has broken many stories in the past, wrote about how the actress is 'losing her hair', suffering 'uncontrollable shaking' and is subject to 'blinding headaches' on a daily basis. The conclusion reached is that she is faced with a very dangerous and potentially fatal 'serious health problem', presumably some yet unnamed disease.

While this rumor hasn't been confirmed until now, Jolie's latest appearance in Washington, at the launch of Global Action for Children, has done nothing but to add more fuel to the fire. Her looks, until now highly praised, have been described in the media as 'emaciated' and 'exhausted' to such a degree that her active involvement in all kinds of charitable campaigns cannot account for it. And Haven, once again, broke in to say (in another interview) that both him and Brad Pitt are struggling with Angie, in order to convince her to start eating again and to lead a healthy lifestyle, which is not the case now.

If one were to be completely frank, the fact that Angelina has lost weight is not to be disputed - it shows, and the photos can stand as evidence for it. And, yes, she is looking tired. But maybe all this about a deadly disease is just a rumor and her somewhat ghastly look is all due to putting too much of herself on the line. Stay tuned here for more info.

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