Angelina Really Is Very Sick

So sick that last month she even drafted a will

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Remember those rumors a while ago that Ange was as good as dead because she was suffering from some sinister disease? Well, while most of us didn't really believe all that, pictures of an unbelievably (and unhealthily) skinny Mrs. Pitt may have left some doubts somewhere in a distant corner of our minds. Which are confirmed now by news that Angelina is in fact suffering from a chronic liver disease, possibly hepatitis, that messes with her eating, her moods and her marriage.

A source close to the couple claims that Brad eventually persuaded Angelina to go see a doctor. "She doesn't have much of an appetite and is eating very little. Tests were run and Brad's family were led to believe that her illness might be something like hepatitis, but since then he's clammed up, I think he knows what's wrong, but he's keeping it from people", the same source adds. If it is hepatitis that the now dramatically skinny actress has, it is indeed a difficult and potentially deadly disease. And if you're wondering how come she got it, remember Angelina admitted being on heroin and we all know she's got a lot of tattoos, both of which are major risk factors for contracting hepatitis B or C.

Ange is also reportedly on medication, which is altering her moods and is making her extremely difficult to be around, even for husband Brad. "She's been having terrible mood swing and it might be because of the medication," the same source claims. "They're fighting a lot. Angelina's moods are up and down and often volatile. She's lashed out at Brad telling him, "The only reason I'm with you is you're a mother to the children!" Brad has a much more nurturing, maternal side to him than Angelina". Hmm, now that's gotta hurt - and even though we've all got used to Brad playing Mr. Mom, I'm not sure it's a very good idea to put it in his face like this.

And while things are apparently fine, with the couple seemingly going about their ordinary lives (ha! Like there's anything ordinary about them) and Angelina working on her new movie, looks like Brad's so concerned about the state of his wife's health that he had her draft a will in which she leaves him full custody of the children in case anything happens to her. Hmm. This is where we all start wondering again whether Ange's life is really in danger and whether this Ange-is-dying mania is really only a media-craze like so many others or there's been some substance to it all along.

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