Another Glorious Chapter in the History of Celebrity Penis Talk

Heidi Klum talks about Seal's "Package"

  Could we get a look at the "package" too?
I have a strong feeling I've missed something while growing up and I'm really working hard trying to figure out when that happened. I'm sure that, at some point in high school or in college, there was a lesson or a course on "what to do when you get married" and among all the bulleted precious pieces of information, tips and useful tricks, there must have been a page on "talking about you man's manhood". All the cool ladies do it - so there must be something more to it than we might first image...right?

First it was Jordan and now it's Seal's wife, supermodel Heidi Klum. No offense to Heidi, of whom I have the highest regard imaginable, but really, if she fell for Seal because of the size of his penis, that's definitely something she should keep for herself. Which takes me back to the whole "size of d**k" talk that many celebrities do. Why do they insist on bringing this particular topic up? Are they just bragging, or is there a deeper side to it - some rush of hormones that generates immense pleasure when the "size" issue comes up?

However, Heidi should keep training if she wants to go for the pro league. I mean, she still has a long way to go until she catches up with the likes of another model, the big-boobed Jordan who has gone down in penis talk history by telling us how her husband Peter Andre's manhood is about the size of a remote control.

Heidi, who married the British singer in May 2005, confessed that she was instantly attracted to Seal because he was wearing a pair of tight fitting shorts when they first met in 2004. The supermodel stated for TV chat show host Oprah Winfrey: "I met him in a hotel lobby in New York City and he came in just from the gym and I was sitting there and I was, like, 'wow!' He was wearing bicycle shorts and I pretty much saw everything. The whole package". Well, yes, I'm sure the guy's package is impressive, but really, that's already way too much information.

And just in case you needed extra proof that Seal is the romantic one and his wife Heidi is the materialistic, penis-measuring partner in their relationship, Seal stated that his wife will always be the most important thing in the world for him. "You've got to put each other first. You know, she will always be number one for me". And while that's very touching and all, I guess someone forgot to tell him that Heidi's number one priority lies a little to the south from his heart. You do the math.

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