BET Awards Honor Grandmaster Flash

'I Am Hip Hop Icon' award goes to the veteran disc jokey

On Sunday, Atlanta was the home of the Black Entertainment Television Awards for 2006 and among the many who got the acknowledgment they deserve for their musical enterprises were also one of the founders of the genre, Grandmaster Flash, and the rapper T.I.

Grandmaster Flash was awarded with the 'I Am Hip Hop Icon' distinction for his turntable expertise, which thus becomes the first award of this kind to be given to a man who basically stands at the core of hip hop music. Always modest, Flash didn't forget to thank all the other disc jokeys he has ever met and with whom he collaborated.

For him, turning tables is far better than actual rapping and being offered the award for his overall career and influence on the hip hop genre is definitely the best thing that ever happened to him. 'To get an award for my technological ability means a lot more than anything else I've accomplished in my life', an obvious emotional Grandmaster said in his acceptance speech.

Another hip-hopper honored during the ceremony was T.I., who won in all the major categories, 'Best Hip Hop Video', 'Best CD' and 'MVP of the Year'. But the rapper was less modest than the disc jokey when he received the awards, saying that 'You can't hate on hard work and talent. This awards show people a lot about where I come from'.

The ceremony was hosted by comedian Katt Williams and will air on November 15th.