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The It bags...a must?

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I was just wondering why do we, women, think that a fashion item can change our lives. And trust me, we really do believe that. Hasn't it ever happened to you to feel better after buying the object of your desire (and no, I don't mean a man)? Well, it hasn't happened to me either :). No, just messing with ya. The thing is that you see something in a window shop and you like it but you don't have the money for it. What do you do? Well, you save money and then go and buy it. In my opinion, that is the thing that actually improves your state: having the satisfaction of your endeavor, not that object. If you want a thing badly enough, you'll convince yourself it's worth it. But I should stop now 'cause I'm gonna get my ass smacked by some crazy fashionista out there. Today, my dears, we'll be talking about the It bag (haha, I sounded like my grandma for a second there). What is an It bag, you may ask. It has been said to be the combination of luxury label, stylish design and media frenzy added up to a must-have bag that will be obtained at any price. The high cost in itself defines a strong level of aspiration.

The cult of the It bags is actually based on the belief that what you choose to carry is big business and, while a year or two ago you were not willing to spend such a big amount of money for a single item, the price for an It bag has almost doubled and still, they are extremely sold. Does that mean that we are most desperate in feeling better that we feel the need to spend more money in order to achieve it? That would make the world a worse place than before, wouldn't it?

Nicola Sugden, handbag buyer for House of Fraser, thinks that the reason we are prepared to pay so much is that "a great handbag works with many outfits so the price per wear starts to look very affordable. Plus, you don't need to worry about squeezing into it, it looks fabulous on every size." She has a point.

There's another thing: the media. No matter how immune you see yourself, it's not that hard to be drawn into that must-have mentality.

If you'd like to combine the fancy and the practical, try to do like this:
1. Go for a roomy size like a Fendi Spy-its practicality will make you use it more.
2. Choose a never out-of-fashion type of bag like, for example, a Birkin by Hermes or the Chanel 2.55/Classic;
3. A neutral color will help you as it goes with everything.

Let's have a look at some of the most wanted It bags of the moment. Look at the pictures below.

A designer bag has become one of the ultimate status symbols. Just being seen with such a bag can raise any celebrity's fashion credentials and that is of the outmost importance as it deeply affects the earning power. Go here to check out what the celebs prefer wearing nowadays.

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