Barbra Streisand Gets New Face

But there will be some time until its 'unveiling'

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Barbra Streisand seems to be preparing for her world tour so bad that she thought a new face couldn't possibly hurt. And, given the way she looked a few days ago, all puffy and wrinkled, that was surely a wonderful idea.

We're not saying for a fact that the singer/actress had some major work done on her face, but you might as well judge for yourselves. She was seen leaving the Lasky Clinic in Los Angeles, being supported by a nurse and with her face all covered up by that black veil.

And, if that's not enough to convince you, the closer image shows clearly that her head is completely bandaged, which might suggest that she had a face lift and a few tucks. Add to that the fact that the Lasky Clinic is one of the most popular plastic surgery clinics among celebrities and you may end by believing that something big is coming your way.

We are now waiting to see the new (literally) look of the artist. Until then, we wish her a speedy recovery and we extend our thanks for doing something more than her manicure to look good. Although the ideal solution would have been to have taken care of herself in time and not to resort to such drastic measures, but what can you do...

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