Barbra Streisand, One Ugly Old Lady!

No wonder her shows won't sell anymore!

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After a period of indulging in all kinds of sweets and other nutritional aliments, like the all too popular junk-food, the Oscar winning actress and singer has pulled something which we can easily call 'a Janet Jackson'.

She has gained a lot of weight but, unlike the pop icon, she can't seem to shake off all those extra pounds. And, by the looks of things, she isn't able to find a comb or some make-up to throw on her face before getting out of the house.

Earlier this week, Barbra Streisand stepped out to oversee the works on the construction site of her new home in Los Angeles. She shocked the world by looking that unkempt and disgraceful.

The positive side of Barbra's image is the fact that, now, we all understand why people don't want to buy tickets for her concerts; for her second 'farewell' tour, as a matter of fact. Because, when you're such a big star as she is, you can easily afford to retire twice from the music industry...

Nevertheless, we do appreciate the French manicure she is sporting. It's very stylish and totally in tone with her new 'witchy' look.

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