Half-naked pictures of Saddam Hussein printed in THE SUN

Former Iraqi leader is pictured in his underwear on The SUN's front-page


British newspaper The Sun printed intimate pictures of Saddam Hussein that might have been taken at an undisclosed location, by American sources. Former Iraqi leader, 68, is featured in his white underwear apparently folding a pair of trousers. Another colour photo printed inside showed Saddam wearing a white-coloured traditional Arab robe, known as a dishdasha, and washing his socks. (AP)

The dictator once accustomed to gold taps and special-made toilet seats, is now held in a single 12ft by 9ft cell, with a small desk and a pink plastic chair, and is said to be monitored via three CCTV cameras.

Saddam was last seen publicly in July, when he appeared in court, facing various charges from the execution of releigious leaders in 1974 and the 1988 - gassing of Kurds in Halabjia to the 1990 Kuwait invasion.

The Sun quoted US military sources that might have revealed the photos to show that his days of power are over, and to destroy the myth in Iraqi people's mind.

Nevertheless, US military officials started an investigation to find out who is responsable for taking the pictures and sending them to the British newspaper, and decide the proper disciplinary actions.

The US and its allies are forbidden to release any kind of photographs of prisoners of war, such as Saddam Hussein, following the rules imposed by the Geneva Convetion and the special agreements with the United Nations.

Pentagon fears that this scandal might increase violent acts from both Shia Muslims and his politicaly party members, now part of the insurgent momement in Iraq.


By    20 May 2005, 10:10 GMT