Beyonce's Boobs Live in Toronto

Beyonce loses her dress and flashes her boobs...must be our lucky day

  Beyonce on stage right before giving us free pass to her boobies
I think we gotta hand it to Beyonce - she definitely doesn't mess up when it comes to flashing her boobs in front of a whole crowd of people, 99% of which were secretly wishing and praying just for such a lucky slip like this one. And for someone who's really uptight about showing off precisely those parts of her body that most of us would like to stare at...I mean see in all their bare splendor, this time she's really done it.

Beyonce was in Toronto, performing live her hit single Deja Vu and (nothing surprising about that) jumping up and down like a maniac, when the dress she was wearing tore and her boobies were exposed for everyone to see...though unfortunately only for a few seconds, after which she covered herself and finished doing the dance like the pro that she is. But the deed had been done, the boobs had been flashed and everybody jumped on it like crazy. Newsflash - in case I have to point out, she wasn't wearing a bra, which in my opinion would have been the wisest thing to do, particularly with all the amount of dancing her show involved.

But hey, don't give me that "killjoy" look - I'm not complaining. It's not often that you see such a wardrobe malfunction, and it feels kind of refreshing to see one that wasn't carefully prepared in advance and made look like an accident. Plus, Beyonce has class, when she pulls off a stunt like that, it usually happens in front of a whole lot more people than anyone would wish up close and personal with their love apples.

And if you remember (which I'm sure you do), Beyonce hasn't had the best of luck when it came to blunders recently. Only a couple of weeks ago, during another live performance she lost her footing and fell on her a*s down some stairs, but to her credit, sprung up at once and continued her performance. Everyone had a huge laugh though, and poor Beyonce was not a happy camper. Somehow, though I guess she was happier then than she is now with her boob-flashing mishap, that's certainly going to make for some funny titles and comments in the media over the next few days.


By    23 Aug 2007, 12:44 GMT