Beyonce's Weave Is Falling Apart!

If celebrities sometimes get their names in the papers for things that are not entirely related to their careers, like the universally infamous 'wardrobe malfunctions', Beyonce is today at the center of attention for a 'hair malfunction'.

In addition to the rumor that circulated a couple of days ago that the bootylicious singer is a liar for saying she is 25, when in fact she just turned 32, people are now scandalized for seeing that not even Beyonce's hair is for real.

I say: oh, come on! Of course she has hair extensions but can you tell me of someone who doesn't have? The nasty part for Beyonce is that the fact that she's wearing a weave showed on camera, while she was performing live. I imagine that her stylist must be now in tons of s**t for not sticking that thing better to her forehead.

For those who don't know, the singer is a big fan of hair-pieces (and not necessarily her own). As a matter of fact, there are too few occasions when she was spotted with her real hair and some of the photos taken then by the paparazzi did not make it into the press.

What we are looking at now in this photo is a 'lace front' wig that is fixed to the forehead by means of a support tape which, in turn, is covered with make-up to remain invisible. Beyonce's face wrinkled because of the tape that somehow moved because she was singing.

I'm not defending Beyonce and I do not want to come across as if I were. If she really is 32 and has lied all along about her age, then shame on her. If she's wearing a wig (and you know she is), then that's her business. But, please, B, don't ever pull that Star Trek face again!