Bill Gates Makes Prophecies About Chip Implants

The next 10 years


If you had the impression that the last 30 years have been full of IT achievements, then you should know that Bill Gates disagrees.

Gates believes that the next 10 years will be the ones with major achievements. During a conference in Singapore that had an audience of 6,000 participants, Gates talked about many of his visions regarding the IT world.

It's interesting to notice that Bill Gates has not referred to software piracy as the main problem of the industry, but did point out that security is the number one priority and that Microsoft is investing annually tens of millions of dollars into solving these problems.

The Internet and especially its functions are among one of the main preoccupations of the giant from Redmond. In Bill Gates's vision, the security problems are related strictly to the level of safety offered by the Internet and once the problems of identity theft or spam are solved, users will have access to a much safer online environment.

It seems that the problem of searching is one of Microsoft's biggest concerns. After Ballmer said last week that he wishes to outperform Google in searching technologies, Bill Gates reproached the subject, assuring the audience that the current searching technologies can be improved.

Faster and more relevant searches are the ultimate goal and it seems that Microsoft is actually "cooking" something in this domain, otherwise its officials wouldn't mention the subject at every conference.

Gates also predicted that the technologies of the future could be used to correct handicaps as blindness and deafness. Bill Gates considers that soon there will be computers sophisticated enough to be implemented in the human body which will be able to correct these deficiencies, even though this type of solutions will not become accessible to the general public in the near future.


By    4 Jul 2005, 13:23 GMT