Bond Will Drive A Ford

Ford has paid a small fortune to get its car in the film

James Bond will be driving a Ford Mondeo in the new 007 film Casino Royale.

Ford has paid a small fortune to get its car in the film. James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, 38, is usually driving an Aston Martin. The exact sum Ford paid is a reported 14 million pounds; seven times star Daniel Craig's salary.

The Mondeo will be used for chase scenes in the Bahamas. It is a souped-up 224km/h model, according to the London Sun.

Nevertheless, Craig will also drive an Aston Martin in the film.

The new actor has been criticized lately. A group of James Bond fans has launched a Web site ( to protest the hiring of Craig to replace Pierce Brosnan in Casino Royale.

Craig, whose film work includes Munich and The Jacket, apparently has offended the fans in such a manner that they said they would boycott the film unless EON Productions and Sony Pictures admit they have made a big mistake. Roger Moore, who played Agent 007 in seven of the James Bond movies, said critics of the film franchise's new star, Daniel Craig, should give him a chance.
He suggested the group was merely trying to attract people to their Web site.

It apparently took an old Bond to defend the new Bond. Let's see how the Ford might help him!