Boob Attack, Part II

Britney is bringing out the big guns!

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Britney Spears is really, really trying to make a statement or something. It's not like we've never seen breasts in our life, it's merely that she seems set to proving us that she is back for good, single and hot. And, as always, the best way to show that is to show as much cleavage as you can.

Don't get me wrong, her breasts are like a fresh breath of air, if I may express myself so, compared to the trashiness she used to give the paps. I mean, nothing's worse that being snapped eating like you've never seen food in your entire lifetime, being dressed as a trailer park girl and with unknown substances smeared all over your dress.

Anyone must agree that seeing her boobs is heaven compared to the way she used to look. But the fact that she has been showing her assets so much over the last week has made some wonder: did she give herself as a divorce present a new pair of bazookas? It can't be so... can it?

The truth is that her breasts do look larger than they did before, but I say (until proof comes out of the contrary) that she is still carrying some baby weight that will probably disappear soon and that shows in her boobs. Anyway, who cares? Britney's back and boobs or no boobs, everybody's happy that she has finally made it...

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