Britney's Vagina On Display AGAIN

That's probably the millionth time she runs out of clean underwear...

  She sure looks unhappy...and there are plenty of reasons for it
Yes, this is just sooo predictable. Our darling Miss Spears has just managed to impress us all again with her wonderful, coochie-flashing abilities. In fact, I am sure there is definitely a very sound psychological reason behind her flashing her shaved vagina just hours after her singing career officially ended. I think the explanation that makes most sense is that she just had to be in the news somehow - and that her frustration had to find a way of expressing itself.

So, instead of amazing us all with her wonderful singing abilities (which by the way, some claim were non-existent even before her very public meltdown) she amazed (read that disgusted) us all with a view of her crotch. And guess what...we all saw how she had failed to stop by the underwear drawer. Again.

Britney darling, are you really that poor that you can't afford underwear anymore? Or do you simply believe that the world is in love with you coochie? No, I think there's a better explanation for this. After royally screwing up her performance, she just let herself go even more that before. She just didn't care - and it definitely wouldn't be the first time this happens. Sources say that Britney was in fact very much aware that she was unprepared and that her show was going to be horrible - could this be because she didn't take any trouble practicing and spent every night prior to the VMAs out partying until 3 in the morning?

She also changed her mind about the clothes she was going to wear. In fact, I do feel someone really has to go to prison for allowing her on stage dressed like that. "Britney was supposed to wear a matching corset that she opted out of wearing at the last minute. She was just plain nervous because of all the hype and she's embarrassed" says a source. Oh, man! A corset? That could have made everything even worse.

I'm sure there were some clothes out there that could have made her look slimmer - or failing that, just cover her and spare her from further embarrassment. But no one cared enough - or maybe they just wanted her to go on display dressed like that. The fact is, the whole vagina-flashing came after Spears reportedly cried her eyes out backstage, apparently ashamed of the mess she had made. I'm not sure that's any reason for putting her crotch on display, though. What do you think?