Brittany Murphy Denies Rumors About Eating Disorder

The actress gave an official statement in order to convince everybody that she is not ill

Following close in the footsteps of 'Ally McBeal' star Calista Flokhart, Brittany Murphy is targeted by the press for being too skinny.

Allegedly, everyone believes that she is suffering from an eating disorder and that is why she is unable to gain some extra weight. To think that other celebrities have the exactly opposite problem!

Murphy (27) answered the media allegations by stating that she is in perfect condition and in perfect health. Sick of being called under-weight, she responded that she is not starving herself and that she is now bored by all the speculations.

Brittany seems to no longer care about what other people think of her as, anyways, she can't please them all. The actress, currently preparing herself for the filming of 'Sin City 2', added that she will not try anymore to get fatter: 'I have stopped trying to eat 12 eggs for breakfast. I am healthy, which is the most important thing'.

Just to show you just how skinny she is, please have a close look at her legs in the picture.


By    8 Jun 2006, 11:59 GMT