Brooke Hogan's Latest Accessories: Her Enhanced Boobs

Hulk Hogan's offspring showcased her latest toys

  Natural Brooke.
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When you think about it, everybody has the right to do whatever s/he wants to her/his body. When it comes to women, boob jobs are usually the issue. But when it comes to public figures, when they get a boob job, the tabloids all cry out in unison: "she made her boobs bigger!" So why fight it?

When it comes to Brooke Hogan, there is a debate about whether she has fake boobs or not. The vast majority thinks that she has implants, and they are probably right, considering this picture on the left. Not trying to be a perv, I am telling you to look at her boobs, mainly at their size. Keep that in mind.

The boob job debate began after Brooke performed at a radio show in Charlotte. Her music may have been the same but the crowd could see a different Brooke. That difference was made by her boobs. It looked like Brooke took some of daddy's vitamins or something. The rumors of the boob job soon followed because of something that you can see for yourselves in the picture here. Namely a scar on Brooke's armpit. You know what that means.

Following Paris' example, Brooke Hogan took a vacation in Maui, where she paraded on the beach in a bikini. When you study the matter up close, you can definitely observe certain "improvements" regarding Brooke's chest. It's simply bigger.

Now it's time to compare the first picture with this last one. If Brooke's boobs got this big on their own, then she simply must share the secret to the world. But since that is very unlikely, it is pretty safe to assume that she had her boobs done.

So she had a boob job. So what? It's her body, let her do whatever she wants with it, just like her father did. We did our job, we've taken notice of the enhancements, and we are providing you with some pictures of Brooke and her new toys.

It seems that breast implants will never go out of style.

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