Carmen Electra and Joan Jett's Steamy Display of Affection

Is the beauty looking for comfort after the divorce?

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The MTV curse made another victim earlier this year when another couple, that wanted to go public with their love on a reality show, bit the dust. The names of those two star-crossed lovers were Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro, who starred in ''Till Death Do Us Part'.

After the split, the rocker Dave was linked to Jenna Jameson, but that didn't last too long. Carmen, in return, bragged everywhere that she finally had the time to take more care of herself and of her needs as a woman. 'It's been fun because I've had more time to hang out with my friends. It's just nice to reconnect and do fun stuff and have sleepovers, dancing, fun girl stuff', 'Us Weekly' quoted her as saying.

Now, according to 'Star Magazine', it comes out that Carmen may be into more 'fun, girl stuff' than she led people to believe. Having attended a concert of her close pal Joan Jett, the model was seen kissing, hugging and touching her in a way that could not be mistaken for a simple friendly greeting.

'[They] got hot and heavy and they certainly were not trying to hide it. They were fully kissing and going at it. They were very physical with hugging and kissing and touching. It looked like the real thing for them - like they were totally in love', a spy told the mag.

The source's claims may not be as unfounded as we might believe. A while ago, after starring in Joan's video for 'A.C.D.C', Carmen said: 'Remember the video where she comes out with a trench coat on and she opens up the trench coat and she's wearing a bikini and then she's rocking out with a guitar? She's hot'.

Even Electra's publicist is possibly in on the whole deal, as he did not even bother to infirm the story published in the magazine. 'Carmen was at the concert. She is a really big fan of Joan's and I guess this was her way of thanking her for the front row seats', the spokesperson said in a statement.

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