Carmen Electra's Buttocks Exposed

Electra: "Always check your dress, because it could happen to you."

Sexy actress Carmen Electra has been the central character of an embarrassing scene.
She came out of a bathroom with her behind fully exposed, as her dress was caught in her G-string.

She says: "I used the restroom at a party. After I came out to mingle with the crowd, my assistant realized that my dress was tucked into my G-string and my butt was exposed!".

The actress still remembers the incident, and has warned women to always check twice before leaving the bathroom.
"(So) always check your dress, because it could happen to you," she said.

The actress has just signed to star in Scary Movie 4, along with Leslie Nielsen, Simon Rex, Anna Faris and Regina Hall. The character she portrayed in the original "Scary Movie" film had been killed, so she is to play another part this time.

Carmen Electra can soon be seen in "Cheaper by the Dozen 2". She is also to star in "Hot Tamale" and in another one of those movies with "National Lampoon" in the title, in 2006.