Charlize Theron's Bottom Kissed By Comic Dane Cook

"Now I'm literally kissing your ass!" Cook said

Actress Charlize Theron allowed comedian Dane Cook to kiss her bottom during Jay Leno's TV show.

Theron, while at the Premiere Icon party a few days ago, thought it would be a good idea to pay her tribute to the great actress Shirley MacLaine, but in a strange way. Charlize stepped down from the stage, went straight to MacLaine and kissed her on the bottom.

The actress, who attended the Tonight Show two days ago, explained to Jay Leno that she had previously taken some painkillers for an aching neck and, as she also had some glasses of wine during the above-mentioned event, the result was an "unfortunate" combination. She ended up kissing McLaine's bottom.

Dane Cook, who was also invited to the show, after confessing he's a big fan of Charlize, turned to the actress and told her he will "literally kiss her ass".

"I have to say I'm a massive fan of yours", Cook said. "You're beautiful and talented - I know I'm kissing your ass here.
Now I'm literally kissing your ass!" Then, Cook planted one "friendly" kiss on her buttocks.

Earlier in the show, Theron confessed that she's horrified when she has to speak to large groups of people. As she says, "I'm horrible with public (speaking). (Alcohol) helps.
Acting is actually quite intimate. It's a very intimate process and it's a smaller environment and it's not like theater or anything like that.
I get blackness and white spots and then I break out in hives (before making a speech). And I'm just always so scared I'm gonna offend somebody or forget to mention somebody. I'm a horrible public speaker, so I'm always nervous."