Children for Supernanny? No Way, Jose!

Jo Frost says she doesn't feel that urge that other women feel

The British lady who shot to international fame when a very original reality show hit the airwaves, showing her going into people's homes and helping them cope with their troublesome offsprings, says that 'children' is not the key-word for her.

Jo Frost (36) became even more famous when the twin show of the British one was launched in the US, also featuring her. Since then, she has published a best-selling book and, this week, she is preparing for the second release, called 'Ask Supernanny: What Every Parent Wants to Know'.

Currently single, Jo says that she has no intention of going through all that which the regular moms are living: she doesn't want children. It's not that she places her career first, it's that she doesn't know if she wants to have kids, ever.

Miss Frost explains: 'I can't hear the biological clock going tick, tick, tick, right now. I'm 36 and when I meet somebody and when we decide to we will have children then maybe we will. But maybe we won't have children. I don't feel that urgency that many women have'. But that doesn't mean that she will be giving up her 'job' as counselor to unprepared parents.

Once named by an anthropologist 'the devil version of Mary Poppins', Jo Frost says that what she does stems out of a deep love for children and a need to help families overcome the most difficult years in their lives. 'I certainly don't have horn growing out of my head... I work with the families and I am very dedicated and passionate and what I do makes a difference to families', the Supernanny added.