Christina Aguilera Smells Bad

The artist intoxicated her fans with perfume at the media launch of her album

According to a reviewer from 'Arena Magazine', Christina might be a little 'dirrty' and trying to cover up her body odor with an entire bottle of eau de parfum. The artist changed her style and decided to tone down her sexuality but there still are some things that need to be toned down.

Like her use of perfume, for example. Rumor has it that, before even coming out to talk to the press and fans about her 'Back to Basics', people could smell her.

And it wasn't a pleasant odor either because, no matter which brand you use, it always smells bad if you overuse it.

The reviewer, who was (un)lucky enough to be present at the launch said that, despite being hot as can be in her jeans, tank top, high heels and bright-red lipstick, Christina, quote, 'stunk like a 12-year-old girl's bedroom on school-disco night'.

The reviewer adds that the smell itself wasn't unpleasant but totally unbearable because it was 'unnecessarily pungent'. Even if she wasn't trying to hide some other bodily odors, she should definitely use less perfume if she's not particularly aiming at people swooning at her feet from the lack of clean air.