Christina Aguillera - Naked and Pregnant

Power Egg and Super Sperm - Christina talks pergnancy and... well, more pregnancy

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Now, ladies and gentlemen, THIS is how you rock it! Christina Aguilera sure took a long time to confirm her pregnancy, but once she did, she sure pulled out all the stops... and is gracing the cover of Marie Claire magazine... proudly showing off her pregnant belly. I should also add she's stark naked - well, except for a fancy pair of Christian Louboutin shoes. I'm not sure what to say about this - ever since those Britney Spears bear rug pregnant naked photos I've sort of lost my taste for such endeavors, but Christina naked has always been a special treat and I suggest we enjoy it as much as possible.

Apparently, XTina also did an interview to match the photos, and she talked a bit about the circumstances in which she got pregnant. And believe me, it's funny - almost as funny as listening to Jordan talk about the size of her husband's penis, only a little classier. "We were planning on starting to try after the tour. And so, I had gone off the pill to prepare my body, because I didn't know how much time it would take", Christina explained. "You've heard it takes some time - except with Power Egg and Super Sperm hereĀ… I'm like, Oh, my God, can you believe it just happened?" Um, she didn't just call her husband Super Sperm, did she? I really wasn't that keen to find out how they chose to call each other in the bedroom. It may seem harmless, but it just paves the way for more detailed sex talk - the kind none of us really wants to hear.

Christina does admit, however, that it was not easy to go on tour while being pregnant. "I was paranoid", she confesses. "There are so many things that could go wrong - somebody could slip, somebody could fall, I could fall. There was no way in hell I was going to jeopardize my baby for my show". As a result, she decided to wear a concealed heart monitor. "I didn't want to make the audience uncomfortable, like, 'Pregnant lady on stage! Is she going to be OK?' But I had to announce it to my band and my dancers, because I wanted to make sure they had my back", she adds.

And finally, the question we had all been dying to ask - why did it take Christina so long to make her pregnancy official? She claims it was pure discretion. "Because I hadn't said anything, people thought I was trying to keep it this big, bad secret, and that's not the case at all. I just wasn't commenting. I'm not being like, 'Hey, everybody, I'm pregnant!' I'm not that girl".

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