Claire Danes Slips a Nipple on Live TV

This just goes to show that it happens to the very best of us.

  Careful now, you're gonna let it all come out!
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Not long ago, I thought that this whole nipple/boob slip was something that only happened to bubble-headed celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Mischa Barton, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Even more, I was under the belief that only a person who could also be referred to by the term 'attention whore' could be so careless as to let one part of her body completely come out of an outfit when there was a camera nearby.

Allow me to stand corrected: it happens to everybody, therefore, no one is safe from the nipple slipping accidents. Case in point: Claire Danes, an actress who not only has enough talent as to safely distance herself from the rest of the girls named above, but also never before subject to this kind of embarrassing situations. Of course, that is not to say that she's entirely without fault, but it does stand as evidence that not all those who nipple-slip (not a real verb, I know) do it for attention.

To resume: Claire was on MTV Canada the other day to promote her latest movie, 'Stardust'. The actress opted for a very loose-fitting top and made the uninspired choice of not wearing a bra AND bending her body a bit. As always, there was a camera close to (and somehow above) her, ready to snap her and get that money shot. And this is why I say that Claire is not without fault: knowing that we can practically see down to her belly button, she could have been a bit more careful by either putting on a bra or by avoiding such risky moves, the latter being obviously the more natural thing.

Then again, why should we complain about it? Seeing that Lindsay is now in hiding and probably on her way to jail, Paris is playing the 'all serious now' card and Britney is most likely on her way to the loony house (also, I'm not so sure anyone would WANT to see her boobies now), there are few chances left of us seeing some boobie action anytime in the near future. Sure, it sounds bad, but can you actually blame me for rejoicing at the view Claire is so generously displaying? Remember those good ol' times when not a single day went by without some flashing? Oh, sweet memories!

These being said, I'll leave you with Claire now. Maybe tomorrow we'll have a Paris slip. Because you know how she gets all territorial and stuff when someone else is trying to upstage her at what she does best!

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