Clooney Donates Casino Money to Children

A quarter of the profits will go to charity

George Clooney is to donate a quarter of the profits from his Las Vegas glamorous casino, 'The Ramblas', for charity. The actor feels guilty of having so much money, while there are still children starving to death.

He declares:
"I'm donating it to help make poverty history. It's hard to reconcile the idea that you make a decent living and are building one of the great casinos while there's a bunch of kids starving to death."

This happens in the wake of the Live8 concerts and the "Make Poverty History" drive by Oxfam.

For the "Las Ramblas" Casino, Clooney teamed up with friend Brad Pitt and with Cindy Crawford's husband, nightclub and hotel owner Rande Gerber.
The new casino is due to be opened in 2007, for Christmas.

George Clooney, a big fan of the 50's, declared he's planning to take revelers back in time:
"We have this romantic vision of putting on a suit, getting dressed up and going down to the casino and having a big band playing, having dinner and pushing the tables back and people dancing."

"I found some people who are crazy enough to let us get away with it."