CoCo Fully Shows Us Her (Huge) Boobs...'Cause Christmas Is Coming...

This classy lady really wants the world to see... everything

  Just... speechless
I have no idea why I'm so surprised at this photo - but nevertheless, I must once again state that CoCo has left me speechless. I mean, speechless with wonder and awe and whatever else you can think of in terms of words that express surprise. Really, really big surprise - if you know what I mean. I also think that CoCo should take it easier with the boob factor, because really, we know she's got some pretty heavy-duty artillery in there, but it's always a shock when she fully flashes her assets on us like that. I mean, one minute you think you're at a concert of her pimp... I mean, (still working?) rapper husband Ice-T and the next moment, you get a face full of CoCo fake fun bags. Great, but... shocking. Yeah, that's the word for it...

I mean, don't get me wrong - I know CoCo is all kinds of classy, and she's just one of the ladies out there who are not afraid to show some boob lovin' to anyone who's... well, anyone around I guess. So... extensive is CoCo's generosity that she's not one to restrict anyone's access to her boobs, not even complete strangers like you and me. What surprises me (just a little) is that her husband is actually whoring this classy lady out like she's his own private (blown up) plastic doll that he can put through her paces - kinda like a dog, only with boobs. But when a guy's feeling generous, there's not much you can do to stop him, right?

In the end, CoCo with no bra on is actually news, seeing how what we usually see when it comes tho this exotic beauty is her pimped-up a*s, since that's set to be her biggest asset (no pun intended), with the pimped-up boobs in second position. However, CoCo was feeling generous during one of Ice-T's concerts and took the stage dressed only in some bizarre latex attire that did not include a bra. So, lucky us I guess - and in case you're slightly puzzled by the look of complete ecstasy on her face, don't let yourself be fooled: it was not one of those erotic shows in which people end up having sex on stage. Although now that I think of it, they could make some serious money if they went into that sort of business. CoCo's a*s never disappoints.