Coco 'Smooth'-ly Shows Her Photoshopped Ass

Meet Ice T's wife, the 'woman hot enough to melt ice'

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Well, I must say: in a world where poor little starlets starve themselves until they faint in the middle of the streets or take on magic diets to look skinny, Coco is always welcomed like a breath of fresh air. Ice T's wife and former stripper and 'Playboy' bunny is and has been very proud of her curvy forms... too curvy, some might say.

So, as I was saying, when you look at the Olsen twins, with their twig-like legs and tiny body frames or at Nicole Richie, with her small stature and bug-eyed sunglasses and then you switch to Coco, you can't but admire the woman who not only prides herself with her big butt but also takes it and displays happily on the cover of any magazine that would want it.

But, leaving all this aside, I should say that, even for some standards, Coco's butt is way too large. OK, maybe not that large, but it is at least weird looking and you have to grant me that. It is photoshopped to death (and you can tell) to look smaller than it actually is and yet, it still manages to pop out everywhere. See what I did here? I just turned Coco's ass into a newsworthy subject. I am like a ninja with words...

The magazine where these photos can be found, 'Smooth', is now on all newsstands and, if you're curious enough to buy it, you will also be treated with an interview via which you can get an insight into Coco and the rapper's sex life. If you are curious, I said.

Just to give you a taste of what you can expect, the former stripper talks about her many sex toys and about a certain vibrator that Ice T calls 'Jack Black' (why, oh, why?), then she goes on to say that, if one of their sex-tapes ever got out, at least they are happy with knowing that they looked good on them. So, after all, there's not that much to Coco: sex, butt, breasts and... that's about all.

Still, you could totally take her, like, to the opera and treat her like a queen, because that's what she is... womanly perfection. Enjoy the pics below.

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