Colin Farrell Smooching with Diego Maradona

Too shocking to be true

The trend nowadays is for men to kiss. Not women, but one another. Either for fun or publicity.

Colin Farrell is definitely following the trend, as he was spotted kissing none other that soccer legend Diego Maradona.

According to, the two met at a restaurant in Buenos Aires and Farrell, who was on holiday, couldn't resist the temptation, so he locked lips with Maradona. Fans were shocked.

Is Maradona, who is the father of three (Dalma Nerea - 18, Giannina Dinorah - 16 and Diego Sinagra - 19), changing his sexual orientation?
Or was it only a publicity stunt?

After undergoing an operation in Columbia, to staple his stomach and reduce his weight, Maradona came back on stage with a slim figure, and is currently the host of the "La Noche del 10" chat-show ("The Night of the Number 10", a reference to Maradona's shirt number on Argentina's national team).

As for Colin, he has scored number one into a U.S magazine poll of eligible bachelors this summer. The Irish actor stole American women's hearts, after playing in several blockbusters like Hart's War, Minority Report, The Recruit, S.W.A.T. and many others.