Colin Farrell, a New Man

The actor speaks about his addiction to alcohol and drugs

We told you, it's the hottest fashion in town to talk about your past drug and/or booze-related issues! Now, Colin Farrell is the latest to open up about addiction.

The actor is in London at the moment, shooting for a new Woody Allen movie with Ewan McGreogor, and reporters from the 'Daily Mirror' tracked him down and snatched a few words from the Irish hottie. Colin seems to have finally realized that he was just wasting his life away and, seven months ago, went into rehab.

Since then, he openly admits that he's a changed man and he has his son, James, to thank for. 'I was burning the candle at both ends and the flames met in the middle. But now I have a new-found appreciation of life. I wasn't suicidal but I never had much of a will to live for a long time. Now, I want to watch my son grow up, be his friend and his father, and hang around with him. He's the greatest priority in my life', the newspaper quoted him as saying.

As a surprise to all his female fans, Colin claims that, at the moment, he has no intention of entering in any serious relationship, dropping a hint that he might actually give up women entirely for a period. Shocking and, no offense, rather unbelievable!
The star, a genuine party animal and womanizer to the core, takes the world by surprise by further saying: 'I don't have a significant other. I've found a love I never thought I'd find with my son. And with my life as it is now, it would be very hard to have somebody - for them and for me. It's better for me, at 30, to be on my own'.