Complaints About Oprah's Dogs

Oprah's pets created a big fuss in Chicago

Oprah Winfrey's neighbours in Chicago, Illinois are causing a fuss because they fear the talk show queen's beloved dogs will run riot around their condominium building.

Winfrey has spent a fortune connecting separate condos at the city's exclusive Water Tower complex and now other residents are complaining about the TV star's pets.

Some have complained to the management committee, fearing their palace will be overrun with Winfrey's five dogs, when the building has a strict one-pet-per-unit policy.

But the building manager insists that the Water Tower residents are making a big fuss over nothing because she has already spoken to her celebrity tenant about the dog issue.

She says, "There is a one-pet-per-unit policy, but Oprah owns four units. She is never here with more than two dogs, and she is as quiet as a mouse. If any of the residents have any questions, they can come and ask me what the rules are."