Sex Change Operation on TV for Courteney Cox's Brother-In-Law

The two-hour special will be broadcasted by American TV network A&E

The brother of Courtney Cox's husband David Arquette, actor Alexis Arquette, is to become a woman in two months.
He will be filmed as he goes through therapy sessions before having hormone injections and then the operation. His brother David and sister Patricia will also appear in the recording. He has already received the go-ahead from psychiatrists to proceed with the operation.

The project is produced by Nikki Parrott in collaboration with BBC 4 and will air under the "Biography" banner.

The actor, also known as Eva Destruction, appeared in the feature "Pulp Fiction" and next stars in the upcoming edition of VH1's "The Surreal Life." His recent film credits include "Lords of Dogtown," "Wasabi Tuna" and "Spun."

Some sources say that the actor hasn't made up his mind yet and that the TV special called ALEXIS ARE-CUT will describe "the process to decide if he'll have surgery. That's a decision he has not yet made."

Anyways, Alexis's friend Craig Chester joked: "I want his penis surgically implanted on me. It's pretty huge."
Spec is programmed to air in next year's first quarter.

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