David Beckham Caught with His Hand on His Wife's Crotch!

David was caught in the act as he tried to help Posh out of their car

  Wow, how come Brit didn't think of that?
It seems that David and Victoria's move to the United States started on the wrong foot. An NBC TV special tried to make the best out of their arrival, but the one-hour result was less than satisfactory, as critics panned the show and Posh Spice along with it. Famous newspaper New York post gave the show zero stars, the lowest possible score. Looks like Victoria failed to impress the paper, as they had nothing good to say about her appearance, and about her in general. What they did say, was less than satisfactory. For the NY paper, Posh seems "relentlessly self-promoting" with "vapid, condescending behavior" while the show itself was described as "an orgy of self-indulgence". Wow, man, that hurts!

But wait, that was just the beginning. The rest is even worse. Remarks like "the 'special' which NBC calls an 'exclusive' inside look at Victoria's larger-than-life life smacks of too much fame, too much money and too much time spent believing the hype for all concerned" or "nightmarishly overdone rococo mansion" when referring to their new house, are not at all pleasant for the newest players on the Los Angeles celebrity scene.

Even after all this, the paparazzi still hunted the two around town, even catching a few shots of them coming out of the car for a romantic dinner at The Little Door restaurant on 3rd St. Fortunately for them, the British stars are not-at-all stupid, at least not like other two-bit blonde starlets, so David had the quick inspiration to cover his wife's crotch while she was getting out of the car. They probably found out from the Internet that American press have their cameras zoomed in between the legs of would-be stars, so they designed this awkward but efficient strategy.

Because of that, the paparazzi got really pissed off so they decided to diss the two by implying that David's hand had some other perverted purposes for being between his wife's legs. But smart people like out readers can tell from the pics that the position of the hand is absolutely innocent and has no sexual connotations. It's actually cute that, finally, a star proves itself to be smart enough to adapt to tabloid and paparazzi practices. In your face, perverts!