Derek Jeter Gave Jessica Alba Herpes

There go our dreams out the window...

  A classic: Jessica's perfect tush relaxing at the beach.
Well, not that we actually stood a chance of ever breathing the same air as her at any time, but still... seems that NY Yankee and serial dater of celebrities Derek Jeter ruined pretty, picture perfect Jessica Alba and didn't even bother to let her know about it. To the gallows with him, I say! That, only if this latest report about the 'Fantastic Four' beauty is true, which I strongly doubt...

Anyway, since we know by now that rumors are rarely heard without some truth being out there (and the list of examples could practically be endless here), it's best if you know that latest about the actress: several reports have it that she, stunning Jessica Alba, may have something in common with Paris Hilton after all - genital herpes, which she got from one of her former boyfriends, back in the days when she wasn't even famous.

Jessica dated Derek a couple of years ago and it's from him that he got the herpes, word on the street (to read: on the Internet) is. The source of all this is celebrity blog LA Rag Magazine, that claims they had a source inside Jessica's entourage who can vouch for the story being true. Apparently, the spy worked as an assistant for Cash Warren, Jessica's former lover, and one of her duties was to fill her Valtrex prescription on a regular basis.

Seeing that Alba repeatedly stated, even when she was still involved with Cash, that not only was she not against one night stands, but that she also liked to have them every chance she got, the rumor spread all over the media like wild fire. From that, to taking wild guesses as to who else might have been infected with the herpes was only a minor step - and it was taken in an instant. Since Derek also dated other huge stars, like Mariah Carey, Jessica Biel and Vanessa Minnillo, the conclusion can only be that they too have now one more concern in this world, namely, that of getting their Valtrex as prescribed by the doctor.

Surely, this can't be more than rubbish, especially as the Rag fails to name the name of the person who provided the information for them. However, if it's true, you'll probably find out about it here sooner or later.