Dina Lohan Doing Drugs with Her Daughter

For that, she gets 'Mother of the Year' prize

Some older pictures of Lindsay Lohan surfaced on the Internet and they entitle us to give her mother, Dina, the 'Mother of the Year' award. This is even better than Melanie Griffith lighting a cigarette for her underage daughter...

A family should always bond and do as many activities together as possible. And, if your teenage actress daughter is heavily into drinking and drugs, the least you can do is to take part with her in all the fun.

At least, that's what Dina (Lindsay's most fervent public defender when the subject of drugs and booze is raised), is clearly believing. From what we can see in these photos, she likes to play dress-up with Lindsay and to take her picture while she's high, drunk and naked. Aren't they just the perfect example of family life?

Also from the pictures, we can see that Lindsay loves Jack Daniels scotch, but what is that white powder on the bed stand? Could it be the reason for which she takes so many trips to the bathroom? Or is it just sugar or flour, left there from when they toiled on a house-made cake... in the bedroom?

You judge for yourselves and we'll only say so much: this routine of nice girl that Lindsay is playing just isn't fooling anyone right now (granted that it ever had). And Dina should stop attacking the press for harassing her daughter; she should, instead, behave like a real mother and ground Lindsay's ass once in a while.