Dita Von Teese... Naked and Unmasked!

Sexy, in a very eerie kind of way.

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For many, Dita Von Teese is just an uptight bitch that was lucky enough to marry a superstar (rocker Marilyn Manson), who calls herself (for no reason at all!) a 'burlesque dancer', while in fact, she is nothing but a clown with a too good impression of herself.

On the other hand, there are those who really like Dita because... well... she's smoking hot! These are the same ones that say that her shows are great, truly incendiary routines, something more than just a strip act. According to them, this woman is beautiful in a way that no many other celebrities out there are.

I say both are right, simply because everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion and, at the end of the day, liking Dita or not is just a matter of taste. And we know better than to question someone's taste, don't we?

So, in view of all this, I invite you to see with me how Dita looks without her usual mask of make-up. Sure, in this photo spread from 'Blender' Magazine she is still wearing make-up (it would be absurd to presume that she looks like that each morning, when she wakes up), but just not as much as she used to. I mean, there is no bright red lipstick, no dark eyeshadow or eyeliner, less foundation... in other words, she went for the more 'natural' look.

Still, she's hot! And I say that with my conscience clear: she is a beautiful woman (but not according to today's standards), in an eerie-creepy sort of way. Like Kate Beckinsale was gorgeous when she played a vampire in 'Underworld' - with pale-white skin and soft features, dark hair and red nail polish.

Hell, if you don't think that makes her beautiful, just take a closer look at her body! I stand by my opinion and, if you disagree, feel free to do so. But, if you do think the same, enjoy the pictures below (except for the one that shows her standing in the door frame: her legs are freakishly different from the upper part of her body!).

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