Dolly Parton Lost a Dolly Parton Look-a-like Contest

The famous country singer recalls that she was defeated by another blonde

Dolly Parton, who has just released a new album, has recently confessed she once lost a Dolly Parton look-alike contest. She showed up at a Halloween contest in LA, thinking it would be fun to win it and than declare her identity. But Dolly has had a big surprise. She was defeated by another woman who looked like her.

"I didn't know if they knew it or not and if it was a joke because they used to have all these Dollys down on Santa Monica Boulevard.
They had the contest and I just got in the line and somebody else won. I don't think they really did know it was me", Dolly revealed.

Dolly's latest album, Those Were The Days, hits the shelves on October 11th.
So far, the CD has received positive critiques from major news outlets such as Billboard and The Charlotte Observer. On the other hand, The New York Post gives the CD one-and-a-half stars, calls the album "hokey" and suggests that Dolly "got too close to the back end of a mule."

"Everyone who knows me knows I don't do protest songs or anything like that. I mean, I think we should try to leave a legacy for peace, whether we ever see it or not. That's not political, it's patriotic. But these are just songs I like, and I figured I'd Dolly-ize 'em.", Parton explained.

The American singer, who will be 60 years old in January, is set to appear and perform on Good Morning America this Thursday (Oct 13th) and on Late Night With Conan O'Brien on Friday (Oct 14th).

While she is not slated to perform on the show, Dolly will be interviewed by Jon Stewart for The Daily Show With Jon Stewart on Monday (Oct 17th). She will tape an episode of The Tony Danza Show on Tuesday that is scheduled to air on October 26th. CNN Headline News' Showbiz Tonight program will air a two-part feature on Dolly on Tuesday (Oct 18th) and Wednesday (Oct 19th).
Dolly finishes up her publicity blitz with an appearance on The View (Oct 19th) and a CD Signing at Best Buy at 529 Broadway, on October 20th.


By Entertainment News Staff    12 Oct 2005, 13:45 GMT