Emotional Tiger Woods Wins British Open

His first words at the press conference after the tournament were "I miss my dad"

It was quite a weekend for Tiger Woods. Maybe one of the greatest golf players in the history of the sport won this year's edition of the British Open. And many stated that it will be a spectacular competition, since he was going to compete against Englishman Nick Faldo. Still, that wasn't the case. The American was just unbeatable in Great Britain, winning the competition without major problems. This way, he managed to forget about his humiliating performance in this year's US Open.

Still, the victory in Great Britain meant one more thing. It was the first time he was enjoying a win without his father being there for him. As you all know, Earl Woods died earlier this year, a few weeks before the US Open. Tiger's father died of prostate cancer. Still, in his dying years, he always joined his son in all major tournaments. Just moments before lifting the trophy this year, Woods started crying. This time, there weren't tears of joy, but grief for his father's absence.

"Stevie said out on the fairway 'this one's for dad' and once I'd finished, all these emotions came pouring out of me. I miss my dad so much. I wish he could have been here as he thoroughly enjoyed watching me grinding out major championships. He was out there today keeping me calm. I had a very calm feeling all week, especially today. Walking down the last hole I had a chance to enjoy this moment. After my last putt I realized my dad's never going to see this again. I wish he could have seen this one last time
", said an emotional Woods after the final hole.

As for what happened in the Open, he stated that he's very happy to get back on the winning streak and admitted that this was one of his most beautiful wins in his career: "This has been a fantastic week for all us players to play a golf course like this. I know we haven't been here for quite some time but to come here and to have the course in such fantastic condition, I think all the players would like to thank all the staff for presenting one of the greatest championships ever staged".


By    24 Jul 2006, 08:07 GMT