Enrique Loves Gay Life

The Latino singer has admitted that he would love to have an unattached love life

  Although he is not gay (or so I think), Enrique has become a gay icon.
It seems that Enrique didn't use the "gay" bit just on one occasion. This whole story started just before Enrique Iglesias was about to perform in the notorious "Club G.A.Y." in London. The singer revealed to the world that he enjoys to seduce men as well as women. That stirred things up a bit but was soon forgotten.

Well, Enrique has decided to play that tune again. This time he claims that he is envious at his gay friends because they get to have an unattached life style. For a better understanding, the singer used his stylist as an example. As you have probably figured it out, he is gay, and also involved in a long-term relationship. But that does not stop him to go out and have all the fun he wants. The same pattern was confirmed to Enrique by George Michael.

It doesn't take you long to figure out why Enrique is attracted to this lifestyle. It is very rare for a heterosexual guy to have a lasting relationship and also a rich night life at the side of many other partners. And that's what gay life is about, apparently. Although I am a heterosexual through and through, I gotta admit that I would love this sort of arrangement...with many women. I bet you would love it too. Enrique already confessed that he does.

Now I don't think for a second that Enrique has some dark gay fantasies just waiting to come out. I still believe that this is just a commercial stunt. But it seems that there is some truth behind this: Enrique wants to have some fun outside his relationship with Anna Kournikova and would simply love if she could see things his way.

Well, be that as it may, it sure doesn't stop the Latino singer from trying. Earlier this month he was seen kissing the beautiful British model Danielle Lloyd at the Roosevelt Hotel in New York.

In the meantime, I leave you with Enrique during one of his men-seducing performances.