Eufemiano Fuentes Breaks Off Silence

The Spanish doctor speaks out about the doping scandal in cycling


After more than a month of investigations and reports concerning the cycling doping scandal, the main character in the "Saiz affair", Doctor Eufemiano Fuentes, decided to speak out in front of the whole Spanish media about the allegations of blood-fixing procedures. He was invited at Cadena Ser radio station and wanted to make the best of it. He denied any wrongdoings in the cycling world and admitted that his methods - perfectly legal ones - were used in terms of football teams and tennis players.

"I'm angry about the whole matter. Names have appeared of people that I don't even know and there are others that haven't come out and I've no idea why but my professional oath forbids me from revealing their names. Treatment only for cyclists? I'm also indignant about that. I've worked with other sports, like athletics, tennis and football. There are a lot of names that haven't come out; there have been only selective leaks. I don't know why. I've worked with Spanish football teams from the first and second divisions that have improved their performance. If I haven't carried out the treatment myself I have recommended it to them", said Fuentes, trying to make it very clear that cyclists were not the only sportsmen involved in this.

Still, the investigations prove otherwise. At least that's what the Spanish government told the media a couple of days ago, stating that football and tennis are not linked with the "Fuentes investigation".

Because of the scandal that started off inside Manolo Saiz's team - Liberty Seguros, now known as Astana Wurth - two of the main favorites for the Tour de France win were eliminated from the competition by the French organizers. Jan Ullrich and, more importantly, Ivan Basso, will have to see the Tour on TV, since they were suspended by their teams only hours before the Tour took off.