Fake Topless Photo of Demi Moore

Photoshop 'wizards' at work

The newlyweds Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher have been photographed while out in town. Both of them looked stunning. Problem is Demi's beautiful green dress was not only a little bit transparent, but also too low cut. A black sexy bra could be seen in full splendor.

Photoshop 'wizards' didn't miss the chance to do a little magic and faked the above mentioned pictures. The result published on the Internet displayed an almost topless Demi.

These practices are a common thing on the Web, many famous people being thus shown in most unpleasant postures.

Actress Nicollette Sheridan has recently 'enjoyed' the same treatment. Her head was photoshopped onto several naked bodies performing a variety of sex acts in porn pictures.

She had declared, joking about it: "I guess at one point I've got to get around to suing them. But the real drag of it was that my body is much better than their bodies... My God, at least do me justice".