Firefox Receives Softpedia User's Choice Award

Following the Battle of Browsers poll


The Battle of Browsers is over! Until the new versions are released, here is the absolute champion. Sound the drums, ladies and gentleman, the indisputable winner of the heavy-browser category is... Firefox!

Of the 912 votes, 58.99% were given to the open source browser, which has crushed any competition.

Internet Explorer came on the second place, but the difference between it and the winner was humongous. Only 14.91% of the voters have chosen Microsoft's solution as their favorite.

The 1.000 votes do not represent a final conclusion, but when it comes to popularity, Firefox definitely has an edge over Internet Explorer.

Even if you add the IE clones' 4.61 percent to Internet Explorer's percentage, you will get only 19.52%, which is a small figure compared to Firefox's.

Opera took the third place, with only 2% behind Internet Explorer. Safari, the Mac community's browser took 4.93%, while Mozilla was voted by only 3.18% of the users.

Netscape got only 0.88% of the votes.

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By    12 Sep 2005, 15:05 GMT