Former Doors Drummer John Densmore Wins Name Lawsuit

Densmore has won the lawsuit, which he had initiated in 2003, against the other two surviving band members, Ray Manzarek and Robby Krieger.

Former Doors drummer John Densmore has won a lawsuit against his old band mates, stopping them to use the band's name.

Densmore filed the lawsuit in 2003, together with Jim Morrison's parents and widow, after Manzarek and Krieger intended to revive the band with ex-Cult vocalist Ian Astbury.

The Doors had signed an agreement in 1971, stating all three surviving members and Morrison's estate must unanimously agree to any use of the Doors name and logo.

The new Doors band, including the original keyboard player Ray Manzarek and guitarist Robby Krieger, who had been touring and playing the Doors' songs, is no longer allowed to use the name, according to an order by the Los Angeles Superior Court issued on July 22.
The surviving members must share all profits with the original Doors partnership, reports Reuters.

"I'm just so happy that the legacy of the true Doors, and Jim Morrison in particular, has been preserved by this decision," John Densmore said.