Foxconn Sues Two Journalists for Disclosing the Poor Working Conditions

Foxconn confirmed the story


Foxconn filed a lawsuit against two Chinese journalists, Wang You and Weng Bao from The China Business News, for about $3.77 million, after they have published several articles on the poor working conditions at the company, informs Daily Tech.

According to the information provided in the articles, which has been already confirmed by Foxconn, the employees are working heavy overtime hours and are also underpaid. But even if the company admitted its fault, it is still suing the two journalists that 'damaged its reputation'.

However, The China Business News stated that it "stands firmly behind its journalists and will bear all possible consequences in this case."

But this is not the first Foxconn scandal, as also Apple launched an investigation on its own after it has seen an article written in the British Daily Mail regarding the same unsuitable working environment at Foxconn. Apple representatives said that the company will not tolerate such a behavior coming from its partners or suppliers.

However, this is not the first time when Foxconn is suing journalists for the truthful information that got into the worldwide media and damaged its reputation, but it would be the first time it wins the lawsuit, as, back in 2004, it has retracted the allegations after the pressure received from the Association of Taiwan Journalists.


By    30 Aug 2006, 09:21 GMT