Full-Frontal Golden-Nude Angelina

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Admit it - you, like me, were reading that interview Brad Pitt did a few days ago - that's right, the one in which he was saying that he feels his body is somehow "falling apart" and wondering how long he will manage to keep beautiful Angelina happy if there's even the slightest feeling he may be growing old. I mean, Ange has some seriously refined tastes in men (and women). And in case Brad grows tired at some point, the diva is already taking some steps towards re-establishing herself as one of the top sexy ladies on the planet, just in case.

And this is her emerging naked from a pool of golden water, wearing nothing but an expression of deep smugness that somehow manages to give her a rather dangerous air, half-erotic, half-menacing. The photos are from the preview to the blockbuster-to-come Beowulf, an adaptation of the famous Anglo-Saxon poem about a hero who defeats an evil monster that terrorizes a far-away kingdom. And while director Robert Zemeckis offers a vision of the Beowulf saga that has never been told before, Angelina comes to round up the day by exposing herself - and her curves - for everyone to see.

But this is the problem. Is this really Ange's body, dripping with golden water and pretty much as we remember it from a couple of years ago when she was playing Alexander's mother? As far as we know, the media speculations about Angelina being skin and bone lately and about her weight plunging dangerously were confirmed by her public appearances, where everybody could see how the sexy actress who once had the whole world at her feet had turned into a little more than a walking skeleton. And things haven't changed lately - Angelina stayed unhealthily thin as more rumors about her suffering from some sort of cronic liver disease emerged. So, question is, how much of the alluring golden witch we see on screen is really Angellina, and how much is digital enhancement?

How things have fallen apart! There was a time when some things - like Ange's once-courvaceous body - were solid landmarks that we could all hold on to (and dream of) in times of need. But if we've lived to see the day when Angelina Jolie's body is digitally altered to make her more sensuous, then next thing we know pigs will be flying in the skies and Paris Hilton will get a degree in philosophy from the Oxford. So, I'm not sure if I'm happy about this anymore - I'm trying to be, but I can't help but feel a little nostalgic at the thought that all good things (including Angelina's natural sexiness) come to an end.

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